Timber Treatment

Next generation TANALISED™ vacuum pressure treated timber has been impregnated with next generation TANALITH™E wood preservative under controlled conditions for a long service life.  This incorporates patent-pending BARamine™ application technology improving depth and consistency of penetration into the timber, and helping to protect against certain copper tolerant fungi, giving long term protection against fungal rot and insect attack.  

On external exposure, the green colour slowly weathers to a warm, honey brown and longer-term becomes a natural silver grey.

VACSOL™  Aqua treated timber is timber that has been impregnated with VACSOL™ Aqua wood preservative under controlled conditions in a double vacuum/low pressure timber impregnation VAC-VAC™ plant. Treatments are usually undertaken to order.

The treatment provides effective long term protection against fungal and insect attack and generally leaves the appearance of the timber virtually unchanged. However, we add a pale yellow colour additive to assist identification of preservative treatment on-site.

Milling to Order

In our planing mills we have a number of specialist moulding machines dedicated to producing non standard square edged or moulded profiles to agreed minimum quantities (usually one cubic metre). Typically these are:

  • Planed Square Section with non standard finished sizes
  • Planed Square Section to usual finished sizes but in a species of quality either higher or lower than that normally used for that section
  • Non Standard Moulded Profiles
  • Standard Moulded Profiles but in a species or quality either higher or lower than normally used for that section

Strength Grading

We have a team of registered and third-party audited strength graders trained to visually grade structural carcassing sections. It is necessary for recut sizes to be regraded.

Imported machine graded timber is delivered in full packs graded to C16/C24 in accordance with BS EN 519 mixed within the packs. To achieve a visual grade, GS/C16 (general structural) or SS/C24 (special structural) grade, our strength graders have been trained to BS4978: 1996 under the supervision of the TRADA Quality Assurance Scheme.

Technical Assistance

We have over a century’s worth of experience in all aspects of timber and wood supply.  Ask our experts when you need help.  We offer advice on softwood species; the most suitable grades for specific purposes; timber-related British Standards; timber treatments and much more. 

Feel free to call us with your questions and we’ll do our very best to answer them.  Like all serious timber suppliers, we are members of TRADA, the Timber Trade Federation, and we are supplier members of the Builders Merchants Federation.


With our own fleet of over 40 lorries, Snows is renowned for reliable deliveries across England and Wales. At the height of the construction season, a Snows lorry leaves one of our four sites every 20 minutes through the working day.  Our fleet comprises lorries of different types, including HIAB, enabling us to deliver your needs whatever the local delivery situation.  Our drivers’ expertise in making timely deliveries is much appreciated by our customer base.

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