Date: August 2018

The story so far at our Mansfield Distribution Centre.

You might have seen the news recently that we started refurbishments on our Mansfield Distribution Centre. The regeneration programme of circa. £0.5 million started back in July, and since then the site has reached significant milestones.

At Snows, our promise to customers is a simple one. We aim to give our customers exactly what they need and inspire trust in our ability to deliver on the promises made. The substantial investment is being made to refine and modernise our operations and ultimately, better cater for our customers now and tomorrow.

So far, the refurbishment is well underway and the existing offices have now been demolished. A huge 5 loads of concrete have been poured on to it’s position to get ready for 900m2 of additional warehousing, whilst the existing warehouse has been reconfigured.

The distribution centre has maintained "business as usual" whilst the construction work is being complete, and the team are working hard to ensure our customers still get there orders in an efficient manner. Even better than this, we have managed to reduce our lead times which is set to improve even further during August.

The next stage of the project will include installation of 900m2 of warehousing, an extra 1200m2 of hardstanding ground and an additional high-speed line will be installed in the mill.  

The result of these changes will improve efficiencies and productivity across the picking and milling of product and enlarge our geographical area for delivery. We look forward to the project reaching it's conclusion and our customers feeling the benefits of the investments made.

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