Date: July 2019

Snows Timber are proud to have launched the second edition of the Timber Buyer's Handbook. Download your copy here

This unique handbook demonstrates Snows as being the first timber supplier in the UK to manage all of their softwood stock by length, which allows customers to shop the timber they want in the length they need. The handbook also promotes Snows huge variety of products, different services, company information, product specification and the new and unique length specific purchasing guide.

If you're new to timber, it aims to make it as simple as possible for you to order using a simple step by step guide:

1. Choose your species


2. Choose your required strength or visual grade


Visual Grades:

The appearance grade is determined by examining any knots and visual defects present. To keep our grading as simple as possible we’ve broken it down into 3 categories:
Premium: Unsorted ex boards, 50 and 38 - The highest quality wood with minimal knots and imperfections
Standard: 5th & Sawfalling ex boards, 50 and 38. 5ths – Good quality wood with few sound knots of small size & other imperfections. Sawfalling – A mixture of Unsorted and 5ths
Essential: 6th - More visible imperfections suitable for less prominent applications

Strength Grades:
Strength grading is used to ensure the strength of the wood is appropriate for the application. Generally, Carcassing is the most typical product you will find with a strength grade due toit’s popularity in house building. The strength grades we identify are as follows:
C24: The highest, generally available, strength grade for general building applications
C16: General purpose structural grade

Our timber is graded by 3rd party auditors who work in accordance with BS EN 519 and BS4978: 1996 under the supervision of the TRADA Quality Assurance Scheme.

3. Choose the dimensions and length using our handy length index

4. Contact us to make your order


All you need to do is contact our National Sales Office by phone or email. They are a friendly, knowledgeable team on hand to offer any help and guidance you may need.
Contact them on:
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