Date: May 2018

New Biomass Boiler turned on at Glastonbury DC to improve carbon emissions

Snows Glastonbury DC unveiled their new Biomass Boiler this week. We sell over 1000 products and some require milling to meet product specifications. Our Glastonbury site has the facility to complete this process, which can produce off-cuts of wood. These off-cuts are a valuable fuel and will be used for the new renewable energy source.

The system provides a whole range of benefits including;

Reducing Carbon Emissions:
The Biomass boiler produces a fraction of carbon emissions that fossil fuels make, and releases contemporary carbons back into the environment meaning carbon levels are consistent and sustainable.

Improving efficiency
This modern technology operates at 90% efficiency which is vastly higher than conventional boilers.

Producing a renewable energy
The energy created by the boiler will be re-distributed back into the site and used for power & lighting.

Financial benefit
The boiler presents key financial benefits, including a £12,000 government payback scheme, which will be re-invested into the site to improve efficiencies even further.

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