Date: March 2017

Snows Timber is running a marketing trial, with selected merchant customers, to promote the availability of certified timber to builders in the run up to the annual FSC® Friday on 30th September. “Merchants sometimes feel they don’t get full value from their chain of custody certification,” says Mark Bowers, Product Director at Snows Timber. “With the diversity of certified products now available, the opposite should be true. Certified timber should represent a green business opportunity,” affirms Mark Bowers.

“We’re setting out to catch builders’ attention at counter level and provide merchants with signposting to certified products. With the up-coming publicity surrounding FSC® Friday, we’re aiming to help merchants to capitalize on their investment in chain of custody certification,” Mark Bowers adds. A set of marketing materials is being provided to selected Snows customers with a view demonstrating results, and refining and expanding the opportunity in future.

MEDITE SMARTPLY are promoting their certified products as part of the Snows scheme. Head of Marketing, Stuart Devoil, says: “Offering certified products brings merchants opportunities to open up new markets, as major contractors are seeking credible, local supply chains for their projects.” Merchants holding FSC® chain of custody can find out more about FSC® Friday on the FSC®-UK website.

Snows Timber has also joined colleagues across the timber and builders’ merchant sector, in signing the WWF-UK Forests Campaign pledge to ensure all their wood is sourced legally and sustainably by 2020. Snows’ wood purchasing already stands at 99% certified. Postcards with the Forests Campaign web details are being provided to merchants from BMF Members’ Day onwards. 

WWF-UK and its business supporters work to find ways of encouraging the market towards supporting sustainable forestry and trade. Julia Young, Manager of WWF’s Global Forest and Trade Network UK, said: “With our recent research showing there is a strong business case to move to sustainable timber, we are very happy that Snows have added their name to our campaign to drive a better future for global forests, through the vital role that markets play in shaping what happens to our resources. Snows are taking this further with a much needed programme on chain of custody targeting, enabling others to understand more about the impact their choices will have. There are more people who want to work together to achieve change than perhaps is thought. Working together will benefit security of supply, which will be challenged in the not too distant future.”

WWF-UK is campaigning to close legal loopholes in the European Union Timber Regulation (EUTR) which mean that less than 50% of the value of timber products entering Europe are confirmed as coming from legal sources. Buyers could unwittingly purchase products from illegal forest clearance, which, in addition to contributing to climate change, has a major impact on some of the world’s poorest communities.

Snows’ WWF-UK Forests Pledge postcards will be available at BMF Members’ Day, on the Snows Timber stand in the exhibition, along with further details of the WWF-UK and FSC® Friday campaigns. 


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